A unique experience: staying in a mid 17th Century villa.

Embedded in the Dolomitic pre-alps, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Experiencing the history of the villa through the senses, thanks to the exposition “The stairwell of time”

Bed & Breakfast

Antica Villa Sophie is an historical and exclusive location divided into different, dreamy floors. Touched by the lovely shores of the Piave, and embedded into one of the most beautiful Borghi of the Valbelluna. The different rooms offered are perfect for any sort of event, and each one has its own XVII Century-esque flair. Inside, there is also a B&B.



Other Services

Antica Villa Sophie, thanks to its unique features and atmospheres, is the perfect setting for the important moments in your life. Photoshoots and video shoots for weddings, anniversaries and everything that need to be a lasting memory. Antica Villa Sophie is also available, upon request, to coordinate and prepare for your special events.


Antica Villa Sophie can count on a strategic position, in the beautiful frame of Borgo Valbelluna, and is only a few kilometres away from cities with an immense historic, cultural, social, natural and touristic relevance.

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