Antica Villa Sophie can count on a strategic position, surrounded by the beauty of the territory in the marvellous frame of Valbelluna. Located between the shores of Piave and the Pre-Alps of Belluno, in San’Antonio di Tortal, the Villa is only a few kilometres away from cities with an immense historic, cultural, social, natural, and touristic relevance.

Brent de L'Art

A majestic example of the force of water, that in 15.000 years has eroded a canyon in these red and white rocks, who create marvellous shapes, colours and light effects. Distance: 15 min by feet


From the Celtic “Shining city”, is the epitome of the beauty of the province. A true gem both from a naturalistic point of view- thanks to its closeness to the Dolomites- and from a storic and cultural one. Distance: 25 minutes.



The mount that frames Belluno and from which the sun rises to shine on the valley, it’s the perfect destination to spend a day in nature while skiing, ski mountaineering, mountain biking or trekking and then resting in the many Pic Nic areas and huts with breathtaking views. Distance: 30 min.

Passo San Boldo

Historic pass where, during War World 1, soldiers built in just 100 days the spectacular road that to this day connects swiftly the Belluno and Treviso provinces. Distance: 10 minutes.




A small but incredible town: the history of Feltre begins with the Romans, but still represents an important centre during the medieval age, in the Venetian one and during the XX Century.
Distance: 30 min.

Zumelle Castle

Here you can truly breathe in the  history of the valley: between medical walls and towers- perfectly preserved- and while enjoying the view of the whole valley, one finds himself in a remote past where dames and knights are still walking in these rooms. Distance: 25 min.

Cortina d'Ampezzo

Queen of the Dolomites, a gem embedded into the most beautiful mountains of the territory, it’s a town deeply connected with its traditions, but always up to date and always looking at the future. Among the others sport events and competitions, Cortina will host the Winter Olympics of 2026.
Distance: 1hour, 30 min.

National Park of the Dolomites
of Belluno

One of the most beautiful parks of Italy, rich in natural treasures of inestimable value: the Park was recognised as a UNESCO heritage site in 2009. You can’t miss a stop here to discover the wildlife and the vegetation of this amazing territory.




Vittorio Veneto

City at the base of the Pre-Alps of Treviso, beside being an important centre for the arts and for its history, Vittorio Veneto is known as the house of wine, as it lies in the middle of the Prosecco Superiore Docg production.

Distance: 35 min



Santa Croce Lake

Thanks to the constant wind, this lake is the perfect place to practice sports like windsurf and kitesurf, or simply to enjoy being in touch with nature.

Distance: 35 min





“The city with a hundred horizons” is what Giosuè Carducci called Asolo, one of the most beautiful Italian towns. Loved by Americans, Englishmen and europeans alike, Asolo has welcomed known personalities like  Eleonora Duse, Freya Stark e Robert Browning. Distance: 10 minutes.


Bassano del Grappa

A small gem on the shores of the Brenta rive: known for the Ponte Vecchio and for its role in the Great War, Bassano del Grappa is an important centre for craftsmanship and delicious food.

Distance: 1h 10 min



The pearl of the Adriatic Sea needs no presentations: you only need to lose yourself among the calli and the islands, searching for the hidden treasures of this open-air museum. Distance: 1 hour and 25 min.


Prosecco Hills

UNESCO Heritage since 2019,  these hills offer to their visitors excellent wine, delicious tastings, breathtaking landscapes, long-lasting tradition and many stories to discover among the vineyards.
Distance: 40 min.


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