Antica Villa Sophie is the perfect setting for unforgettable photoshoots and video shoots, but also an original location for conferences. For outdoor events, the villa also offers a beautiful and spacious garden. The antique front of the villa is the perfect background for original photos.

Location for events

Antica Villa Sophie, thanks to its large and welcoming spaces, its beauty and its history, is the ideal location for any important event. One of the rooms has 30/40 seats, perfect for conferences or presentations of commercial products. Upon request, we can set up the conference room and the chambers.

Historic location


Garden that can welcome 60 people

Room with 30 seats

Both outside
and inside available

of the set available

We can arrange refreshments


At Antica Villa Sophie you can have photoshoots, both outside and inside of the venue, and we can provide personalised arrangements. The park is a spacious, green oasis with a view on the mountains, while the inside is characterised by a rich and refined style, with bold colours and wood detailing.


Thanks to its characteristics and uniquenesses, Antica Villa Sophie is a great setting for recording videos for both personal and commercial use. There is also the possibility to organise telesales and presentations of products.

Set for commercial and private videos

Location for telesales and presentations

30 seats

Audio/video system
(upon request)

Presentation for books, art and culture


The attic room of the villa, that has 30/40 seats, is perfect for any kind of event: conferences for companies, meetings and cultural events such as presentations of books and art exhibitions. Upon request, audio/video system is available.

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